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Rave Reviews!

I have had the opportunity to work with Shannon both as a participant in her workshop and as a colleague in the elementary school setting.  In both settings, Shannon has proven to be a valued commodity.  As a presenter she has all the qualities one is looking for; She is easy to listen to, knowledgeable, and delivers practical and useable strategies.  As a colleague, she has proven herself to be a valuable asset within our building. She is incredible at finding the root of the problem and developing interventions that are both manageable and effective. Because of Shannon’s direct influence I can say without a doubt that I am a better teacher. I love working with her and can’t wait to see what new ideas she has to offer this upcoming school year!”

-Kim Nicholas, Teacher,

Northville, MI

Shannon's presentation was amazing...I wish I had time to have gone to all of her sessions. I feel I am ALWAYS striving to find more ways to reach out to my needy students....and Shannon had some great ideas (with research to back them up!)

-1st Grade Teacher


“Shannon Samulski brings incredible energy and instructional talents to workshops on subjects related to early learning success.  Your staff will love her.  More importantly, they will learn skills and ideas that truly change outcomes for students during the years that make the greatest difference in their learning lifetimes.”

​-Bob Sornson, Ph.D,
Early Learning Foundation,

"Interventions that Work!"

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Strategic Intervention Solutions is dedicated to providing hands-on, authentic, 21st century professional development for educators and parents.  Whether you are looking for a long-term training partnership, short-term training or consultation, or books and materials, Strategic Intervention Solutions is here to meet your needs with customized solutions. We welcome you!

Guiding teachers to understand how to delayer students’ skills across all academic arenas is vital to promoting systematic interventions, formative assessment and instruction. Strategic Intervention Solutions offers a variety of trainings that promote early learning success, data driven instruction and intervention for the 21st century learner.

Our workshops explain not only the theory behind each instructional practice, but also the all-important "how-to"—a feature our teachers find practical and useful in their classrooms. 

One of our most important training programs is our Math Initiative, which provides a comprehensive plan to help teachers transition from a "one-size-fits-all" math instructional model to a hands-on, interactive workshop model in order to integrate critical Common Core Standards and Practices. This training allows for classroom observation, coaching, and modeling to bring the instruction to the knowledge level of the teachers and direct implementation into their classrooms. Teachers will walk away with a deep understanding of not only CCSS and the 8 Math Practice Standards, but also the importance of Numeracy Development and the layers in which students create mathematical thinking and application. 


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